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Professional Mobile Truck Trailer Repair service

With more than 10 years of experience in truck down repair breakdown trailer and other commercial vehicles repairing. We at Road Service Truck and Trailer Repair providing professional and reliable repairing roadside assistance and safety inspection services for trucks trailers.


When a roadside breakdown occurs, the first objective is to make sure your driver and the vehicle is parked or positioned in a safe area, away from oncoming traffic, and able to be worked on. Our Service Coordinator team expedites all emergency breakdown calls for the quickest possible solution. A technician is dispatched to the vehicle location to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem. Most of the time, Managed Mobile can perform a temporary or permanent fix in order to get your vehicle back on the road. However, if a temporary or permanent repair is not possible or practical under the prevailing conditions, Managed Mobile will coordinate a tow for the vehicle back to your yard and arrange the follow up repair to get the truck or trailer back on the road as soon as possible.